Solemnity of Saint Joseph

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Joseph that is normally celebrated on March 19.  Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of the universal Church, workers (in particular, carpenters), the unborn, fathers, travelers, immigrants and or dying in a state of happiness.

People all over the world celebrate the feast of Saint Joseph in various ways.  Parades, zeppoles (pastries) and huge meals (you don’t have to fast on solemnities!!) are just a few of the ways people take in this feast day.  Below is a special prayer for parents through the intercession of this amazing man.

Prayer of Parents to St. Joseph for the Children

O glorious St. Joseph, to you God committed the care of his only begotten Son amid the many dangers of this world.  We come to you and ask you to take under your special protection the children God has given to us, born and unborn.  Through holy baptism they become children of God and members of His holy Church.  We consecrate them through you today, that through this consecration, they may become your foster children.  Guard them, guide their steps in life, form their hearts after the hearts of Jesus and Mary.

St. Joseph, who felt the tribulation and worry of a parent when the child Jesus was lost, protect our dear children for time and eternity.  May you be their father and counselor.  Let them grow, like Jesus, in age as well as in wisdom and grace before God and men.  Preserve them from the corruption of this world and give us the grace to be united with them one day in heaven forever.  Amen

I hope you all have a blessed day!

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